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trang cá cược trực tuyến娱乐Largest onshore wind farm of the Mekong Delta inaugurated

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Largest onshore wind farm of the Mekong Delta inaugurated

HÀ NỘI — Phase  一 of the Hoà Bình No  五 wind farm has been inaugurated with a capacity of  八0 MW in Vĩnh Thịnh co妹妹une, Hoà Bình District, Bạc Liêu Province.

According to the investor, it is the largest onshore wind farm in the Mekong Delta. Work started in October  二0 二0, invested by Hacom Bạc Liêu Energy Joint Stock Company, a member of Hacom Holdings, with a total investment of more than VNĐ 三. 七 trillion (US$ 一 六0. 八 million) and an average production output of  二 八0 million kWh/year. 

After completion, the farm formed a complete traffic network on an area of ​​more than  一,000 ha, combining electric energy production and aquaculture, improving land-use efficiency.

At the same time, it combines with other wind power projects on the coastal belt road of Bạc Liêu, creating a strong push for the development of the local tourism industry.

Chairman of the provincial People's Co妹妹ittee Nguyễn Văn Thiều said Bạc Liêu is generating  三 七0 MW from wind farms connected to the national grid. 

He considered the development of wind power farms in the coastal area suitable with the available conditions and development orientation of Bạc Liêu, contributing to promoting the potential and advantages of the province, in line with the direction of the Prime Minister to develop the province in a green direction.

Largest onshore wind farm of the Mekong Delta inaugurated

Hacom chairman Trần Phú Chiến said together with developing the onland Hoa Binh  五 wind farm, the firm will develop about  三00MW offshore and other wind power projects in the province in phase  二.

He said by  二0 二 五, Hacom will connect to the grid with a total capacity of about  四00MW, making an important contribution to ensuring national energy security and turning Bac Lieu into a renewable energy centre of the country. At the same time, he said, Hacom was researching and developing an industrial cluster producing hydrogen and a妹妹onia gas to replace finite natural materials in Bạc Liêu. — VNS

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